From Pre-loved To Re-loved, Where Did It All Begin?

It all started with a good old fashioned clear out. We had 3 sheds, 3 lofts and a caravan packed to over flowing with our children’s old toys along with our own old toys, things we couldn’t bear to throw away. It was now or never. looking back it was a good thing.

When ever we saw Brian’s mum, bless her, she always seemed to have yet another box of Brian’s stuff left behind when he moved out, boxes that were put in a shed without having been looked in first. It was time to sort it out.

Old school books and reports were read, laughed over, cried over and reminisced over with a general consensus of ‘those really were the best years of our lives’. There were of course old photo’s of family members we didn’t recognise, ornaments that had outstayed their welcome, tools/equipment broken or no longer useful. There were comics and magazines, mostly used as bedding by mice, various coins and keys in abundance, postcards, greetings cards and calendars. All shrouded in that old musty smell of age. Then the toys! Dolls with bad haircuts and biro make up, cars with little paint remaining & missing wheels, various toy guns and marbles, lots and lots of marbles, childrens cooking toys filled with stale mud pies, old rusty batteries, broken crayons and pens. A lot of these things were not expensive, valuable or in a good enough condition to give away let alone sell, sadly most ended up going to toy heaven, some were taken to various charity shops, a few of them surprised us and in among all this we found it, the item that sparked our Pre-loved to Re-loved ideal!

A DALEK!! Not any old Dalek but one that turned out to be quite special, rare and a collectors dream. Oh and of course it evoked many happy memories for Brian.


Information and Photo credit to  Doctor Who Toy Box

Made in 1965 by Herts Plastic Moulders Ltd Uk for sale exclusively through Woolworths at 4s 11d. Silver/Grey in colour and standing appx 7” tall it was sold in a plain plastic bag with a card insert.



Our Dalek In Excellent Condition. 

We only had the Dalek but it was in excellant condition. So what made this originally cheap item so rare and valuable @ £200+ ?

It’s because it was such a cheap toy, hollow plastic that would easily split and with arms that were lost many were thrown away, forgotten in the mists of time itself. Who knew?

As Brian was and still is a big Doctor Who fan several other related toys were found that are also collectable, remember The Rolykins? 1” high Daleks that moved around on a ball bearing?


Another one of ours. 

And The Swappit? Daleks with 3 swappable sections that could be interchanged? Our children also grew up to be big fans, lucky enough to have the new Doctor Who series. They too have had the joy of opening related presents on Christmas morning, Tardis, remote controlled Daleks, K9 and of course various action figures.

So it seems this time travelling hero, his companions and his enemies have all become timeless and are still as loved today as they were in the beginning, hence our pre-loved items have gone on to become re-loved by someone else.