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Long time, no see, and a quick update on VRV

Firstly an apology for not keeping regular blogs coming your way. Sadly Brian had a serious injury that kept him out of action for most of 2018 and the early part of this year. That meant the site was off-line for a long period and only started up again recently.

He's feeling much better now so we'll be adding new items on a regular basis from now on.

At the moment we are offering free shipping within the UK and the check out is only set up for UK customers whilst we find our feet again, Shopify's method for postage is very difficult to implement for "one off" individual items like we offer so we'll need a bit of time to sort out international postage.

To our friends from further afield, if you find something you'd like to buy please drop us a message on with the item and your address and we'll sort out a custom shipping quote for you.

Thanks for your patience