The Great British Summer!

I thought it would be good to give an insight into how the weather can and does affect business. Actually it’s not just the weather, seasons and events can all effect businesses in general, both positively and negatively, I’ll save that for a later blog. For now let’s talk about the weather!

Dealing in vintage/retro items our favourite places for sourcing products are charity shops and boot sales. Of course charity shops are there all year round and in most weather conditions, but boot sales are very seasonal. We always look forward to the spring, especially Easter, as this is when the boot sale ‘season’ begins. Usually the weather is fine and dry and the boot sales are busy. Charity shops tend to go a little stale at this time too, so it’s good to use other sources and see new/unseen items. Sadly the spring and summer this year has not been good. Boot sales have not been opening, even if the weather on the day has been good, the amount of rain before has made the ground too wet and muddy to use. I think we had one weekend that we were able to go and because the weather was as good as it was on that day, everyone decided to stay at home or go to the beach instead! This meant there were not many stalls/boots to look at. We watch the weather forecasts avidly, hoping for good news, indeed we have had optimistic forecasts on several occasions, only to have that go to pot because the jet stream changed direction without warning! Looking on the bright side, summer is not over yet and with the rest of July, all of August and possibly some of September still to come, we should be able to get to a few boot sales and find some special treasures.

Photo Credit Stroud News and Journal