The Importance of Research and gaining the correct information.


 There is nothing worse than finding an item you are looking for only to find the information given is sparse or, even worse, incorrect. This does happen mostly within the secondhand/preloved online market.

Obviously if an item is boxed then all the information needed is printed on that box, however it’s the unboxed older/vintage items that can cause the most concern. You want to know the age of these things, so a date of manufacture is always useful but rarely stamped on the item. A makers name can help too and that is sometimes present on the item. Materials can also help. Sometimes you have to research. I know not everyone enjoys it but personally I do! I find it interesting, sometimes exciting, and I have had many ‘I didn’t know that’ times.

Who knew that Yale was founded in 1844 in Connecticut USA? I had assumed Yale was British and didn’t realise they had been around for as long as they have.

The item I was researching was, surprisingly, a Yale lock! It looked quite old and it was boxed. The box gave us some clues obviously, company name ‘The Yale Towne Manufacturing Company’, this was our starting point and where we went to find out the above information, but we still couldn’t be sure of the locks age. We had two sets of instructions in the box, both for the same lock but with different company names on them. One   ‘Yale Towne Manufacturing Co.’ the other ‘Eaton Yale & Towne’. What we discovered was that a company called Eaton bought Yale Town Man . Co. in 1963 merging with other business’s Eaton owned, thus renaming Yale Town ‘Eaton Yale & Towne’ up until 1973 when the name was changed again. This dates the lock at some where between 1963 and 1973 making it a vintage item.

Why is it important to get dates right? With todays technology there is a trend for creating products that look old/vintage, most are easy to spot and are not meant to mislead people into believing they are genuine, it would also be very wrong of us to sell such an item as vintage so dating is very important to us. We also like to link to some of the pages with the information on, not only as proof but also because we hope that you will enjoy reading the info too.

Here is just one example Yale History