About Us

We've all seen something either on a TV program, in an antiques shop or museum that makes old memories come flooding back. It could be an old toy or game, or maybe something our parents or grandparents had in their house. 

Maybe it’s an old song that brings back happy memories? It’s said that people can remember where they were the first time they heard a song by their favourite singer or band. Vinyl is making a comeback because it has a unique sound that no other format can match and is highly collectable again now. 

Sadly in a lot of cases these items were thrown away as we got older and didn’t use them anymore, or newer versions came out rendering the old item obsolete as in the case of CD's replacing our old records.

I wanted to replace a lot of these old items and chatting to my wife and friends it seemed they would like to as well.

We’d already replaced some of our old toys by scouring the likes of Ebay and Bootsales but it was very time consuming and also a case of pot luck finding them. So we thought wouldn’t it be great to find all these items available in one place after someone else had done all the leg work for you.

This was the inspiration for our business and we hope you will find the items in our store that will bring your own happy memories back.

Whilst most of our items are 1980's and before we know that some people think the 1990's are vintage so yes we do have some items from that period.

Although we have a large stock of items, by their very nature a lot of the items are hard to find but we’re always on the look out and if there’s something that you are after, drop us a message to info@vintageretroandvinyl.com and we’ll do our very best to source it for you.

Very occasionally we stock an item that is still in as new condition, possibly even still in it's original shrinkwrap, however due to their very nature, vintage items aren't generally going to be in pristine condition. We will do our best to point out the obvious flaws in our description, but even we may miss something so please be aware of this when purchasing.

Whilst on the look out for new stock we occasionally come across some items that whilst not vintage or retro strike a chord with us as being "future collectables" and sometimes we will pick these up too, as we hope that you will find them interesting.


Where possible we use recycled packaging to send our items in. This doesn't affect how securely items are packed as we always pack items well to withstand the shipping process but it stops these boxes and packaging going to landfill after just one use. It also helps us keep down the cost of our items as we don't have to purchase specifically for this purpose.

Vinyl however has to be packaged using special boxes to survive the shipping process and we are still looking to get these at a reasonable price. Watch this space