Please find below some frequently asked questions. If the answer to your question is not listed here then please feel free to contact us via email to info@vintageretroandvinyl.com


Q - Where do you find your stock ?

A - We buy from collectable/vintage fairs, private collections, online, high street shops and boot sales

Q - What condition are the items in  ?

A - By their very nature the majority of the items we sell are old, and in some cases very old. As such it is very hard to find items that have not sustained some form of damage to either the packaging (box etc) or the item itself. We try our best to both photograph and describe any issues and of course you are free to contact us with any questions about an item/s. Very occasionally we find items that are as new in the original shrinkwrap, items still sealed within the box, or items that are blatantly un-used but obviously these are rare finds.

Q - Do any "new" items have warranty ?

A - No they don't. Unfortunately any warranties would have long expired.