Moonshot The Game Limited First Edition Board Game

The Galactic Attic


From 1997

Number 496 of only 5000 made

For 1 to 4 players aged 10 to adult

The Game brings to life the fascinating story of mankind’s greatest adventure—the Apollo voyages to the moon.

MOONSHOT is not a trivia game,it’s a fast-paced game of strategy based on card-play.

NASA projects Mercury,Gemini and Apollo provide the backdrop as players are put in command of the Space Race.

Each landmark event,pioneering mission,heart-pounding crisis and incredible machine is represented by a playing card.
Players use these cards and a supply of fuel cards to complete the historic NASA space missions,in a race to be the first to land on the Moon.

To complete each mission,you must use your fuel supply to assemble the correct equipment,launch the mission and move your playing piece to the corresponding mission patch on the game board.

This completes the mission,you receive a replica mission patch and gain a fuel bonus.
During the game you can take advantage of special cards called alarms,events and instants.

These represent historic events in space history and can be played to speed you progress or hinder your opponents.
After completing the required number of missions,be the first to land on the Moon and win the game.

MOONSHOT has a wealth of detail and flavour for the space enthusiast.
If you're big on space travel or really enjoy space history, this game is a must. 

Playing time 30 - 60 minutes

All contents in excellent condition, the box has some rubs as pictured

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