Vectorace Space Game Contents In excellent Condition Very Rare 1980's Board Game

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Vectorace Space Game Contents In Excellent Condition Very Rare 1980's Board Game

From the instructions:-

Four races of beings from different areas of the galaxy are faced with extinction. They are each involved in the desperate search for a new solar system.
The elders of each race have summoned their top space pilots to head the mission to secure their new home.
Each player takes on one of these journeys into space in the hope of being the first to guarantee survival.
"Only one race can survive".

The board represents a galaxy which consists of 16 solar systems - four dying and twelve unexplored. The gameboard is laminated so that the planet counters, made of shiny flexible plastic, can adhere to the board during play, but are easily peeled off and re-positioned. 

It has a 70 sci-fi look, and ‘3d’ energy recording strips which are exchanged when alliances are formed. 

Interlocking ships are used to move round the board to colonize planets, gain energy points and split apart for combat.

Movement is by dice, though players can elect to slow the ship down by using energy points, to enable them to reach specific target squares.

Hyperspace Gates can also be used to perform more complex moves. Combat is resolved by a highest dice wins system. An Asteroid belt finalizes a range of encounters, from combat to entering an occupied square. 

There are also rules for alliances and planet hopping.


Complete and boxed with the contents looking barely played.

Counters are made of vinyl so they stick together and to the board

Box is complete with the original cardboard inserts, original sheet with punched out counters, original tissue sheets to separate them and original "note to customer" advisory

Main box, whilst sturdy has a lot of wear and remains of parcel and selo-tape

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